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Growdea Technologies

Introducing Growdea Technologies, a pioneering start-up with a three-year legacy, born at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi (IITD). Founded by Dr. Avinash Mishra and Professor Anurag Singh Rathore, the company spearheads In-silico drug discovery, specializing in computational biology services and bioinformatics solutions.


At its core, Growdea leverages AI and machine learning for accelerated drug discovery. Expertise spans virtual screening, molecular modeling, chemoinformatics, and molecular dynamics simulations. Their AI-driven platform enables efficient target identification, systems biology analysis, and proteomics/genomics data insights.


The company excels in protein-ligand interactions, molecular docking, and structural prediction via ML. Leveraging data, they drive AI-assisted drug repurposing, virtual screening, and antibody optimization. This prowess extends to drug-target network analysis, personalized medicine informatics, and biomarker discovery.


As an Indian Contract Research Organization (CRO), Growdea offers comprehensive drug discovery services, from screening to chemistry. Their journey symbolizes the fusion of AI, ML, biology, and drug design, accelerating transformative advancements in pharmaceuticals.


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