Growdea Technologies

Growdea Technologies is a start-up company that has been around for more than three years and was founded at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi (IITD). Dr. Avinash Mishra and Professor Anurag Singh Rathore are involved for the indigenous establishment of the business in the field of computational drug design. In-house algorithmic development has taken place at the company in the areas of small molecule and peptide design. These algorithms were designed specifically for the scientific cases. Executing the projects in an efficient manner, the company has the impressive range of knowledge drawn from scientific and computer science backgrounds.

In addition, over the course of time, the company has established itself as a resource for helping scientists with their research. This assistance includes drafting the research publication and patent, conducting data analysis and patentability searches, drawing illustrations, and checking for instances of plagiarism and data interpretation.

  • Customizable pipeline for computational biology (drug discovery, protein engineering)
  • Supporting scientists with data analysis including statistical study
  • Expertise in scientific & patent drafting and image & graph Illustration
  • Professionalism of the highest kind in terms of timeliness of service delivery
  • Cost efficient solution
  • The follow-up bolsters


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