The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the field of Pharmaceutical Science has shown an emerging era of research, drug discovery, development, and healthcare. This synergy between advanced computational techniques and pharmaceutical science holds immense promise and offers numerous benefits. Tools based on AI/ML can yield solutions to complex problems in the blink of an eye and with higher accuracy. With these attractive perks, introduction of AI in this sector also bears some challenges such as model accuracy and validation.  

                  We at Growdea aim to overcome these challenges and contribute towards the scientific community with technologically advanced and innovative solutions. We are utilizing this multidisciplinary approach to develop pipelines which can enhance efficiency of research and development in the Pharmaceutical Science sector. We are committed to bringing out innovation in Drug Discovery and Design, Drug Repurposing, Protein/Enzyme Stability and Protein-Peptide / Protein-Protein interaction. We are capable and are working on different models with predictive and generative approaches. Predictive approach is being utilized to predict a particular value, using regression or predict class, using classification model for a given input data. The generative approach is helpful and is being utilized in designing novel small molecules, peptides or antibodies. Multiple projects are being worked on for solving issues such as Protein Stability, Small molecule activity and Antiviral compounds. The status of these ongoing projects is represented in the following figure. 

ΔG Predictor                                            Prediction of free energy of unfolding

Tm Predictor                                          Prediction of melting temperature of protein

ΔCp Predictor                                       Prediction of change in heat capacity on unfolding

Disulfide bond Predictor                Classification based on number of disulfide bonds

ΔH Predictor                                       Prediction of change in enthalpy on unfolding   

AVSSP                                                               Generation of Anti-Viral Solution Search Platform 

               COMPOUND-IQ                                                                  Classification of small molecules based on activity

AIFFINITY  SCORE                                                             Prediction of IC50 and Kd for small molecules